Thank you for your interest in Brothers and Sons Fine Clothiers. We are based out of Las Vegas Nevada. We are excited to offer our network of men with strong constitutions of principles and style a place to customize quality suits and clothing. Brothers and Sons was created when we realized it was difficult to find custom-made clothing at prices that were affordable. We understand that our relationships with our clients are built on nothing less than the repore we knit together and fine fabrics coupled with expert craftsmanship.

We have been building towards this dream for over five years. Hundreds of customers have already placed their trust in us as we continue to offer fine fabrics and tailoring. We start our whole process of creating your next favorite suit with precision measuring system to measure your body. We want to make sure that when you get your suit, that it lays on you like no other suit you have owned. It will, with time, start to conform more and more to your body and become even more comfortable.

As gentleman we all have a suit or outfit for most occasions. At Brothers and Sons Fine Clothiers, we understand that fabric itself plays a major role in those occasions. Cold weather events dictate a different fabrics than warmer weathers or environments. Fabric varies on it’s fineness of the thread as well as it’s weight per yard. The quality of the fabric is the foundation of creating an amazing suit and we will guide you through every step of the suit tailoring process. Next you will select your color of fabric, if it will be s solid color or patterned. Let us then talk linings, buttons and even the cut of the suit. We offer diverse options that will give your suit your very own signature, from surgeon cuffs to hand sewn button holes, we are only limited by our imaginations.

Lets Get You Measured