While off the rack suits will satisfy the need of instant gratification, they will not fit you as perfect as a custom suit will. Off the rack suits are made for everybody and absolutely no one in particular. You will find that the shoulders will develop a slight dimple or the back of the jacket will have a small roll of fabric that wont lay down. These are small tell tale signs that a suit was purchased at a retail or department store. You will need to have it tailored and even then, it will never lay perfectly on your body. That’s because it was not made for your body. It is a general and an approximate size created to look great on mannequins and sell suits in mass quantities.

Made to Measure

The major advantage of a custom garment is it wraps around you and fits you like a glove. You don’t have to worry about what size your are, since you’re getting measured and only need to undergo the process once.

When your suit is perfectly made, your suit fits perfectly. Once you have purchased your first suit, your next one (and each one after that) can be manufactured by just picking your fabric and your favorite options and it is completed with finished hems and sleeves, eliminating the need for tailoring or alterations.

Your Personal Signature

When you create a custom wardrobe, you can really explore your personal style and personalize everything from the choice of fabric, to the cuffs, buttons, and pockets style, lining color, and even lapel style and widths.

All of your garments are created per your specific requests and preferences, fabric selection and style. You will find that you will start to develop preferences you didn’t even know you wanted.

Quality Standards

We are not saying that there are not high quality suits made off the rack. What we are saying is that there is a wide spectrum of quality or off the department store rack. Even if you do find a suit that has high end fabric such as an Ermengildo Zegna, it is made at a standard size that will need to be tailored 2 – 3 times before it even comes close to a custom made garment.

At Regent we rely on the lifetime of expertise that our skilled tailors bring in order to deliver the highest quality garment.

Our laser cutting technology and precision skill sets in our tailoring facilities have taken the reliability of measurements and fit of our suits to a high-caliber standard.