Brothers and Sons Fine Clothiers Co.

Thank you for your interest in Brothers and Sons Fine Clothiers Co. Quality is the hub of everything we do. We know that it is quality that our clients are truly looking for. This translates to every aspect of our business. From our fabrics to our tailoring experts, and whether it is how we ship your new garment or how we interact with you, we want every experience to be one of quality. We craft two things really well here at B & S, fine garments and even finer relationships.

We started out over 5 years ago thinking of how to best serve our customers with suits, shirts, and other apparel. Our customers are true gentlemen with strong resolve and constitutions. They want to present themselves as such. We want to be their clothier that represents what they value most, because it’s what we value as well.

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Our Awards

In an age of skinny suits, we received an overwhelming unanimous vote by the men in the congregation that Brothers & Sons is by far their favorite suit company. Even Blake voted for us.

We are honored to receive this award even though we were made to feel toxic for doing so. Nevertheless, we will continue to represent all gentleman and what it means to be a man.

If you are like us, then you believe in 2 genders. If there are 2 genders, then one of them had to be first. It just so happens that it was man. We are more than happy to take the GNS First Gender Award for 2020.